Our Mission

At Bob’s Indoor Golf, or B.I.G., our mission is to provide our guests the best technology and equipment available to learn how to play golf, to improve their golf skills, and to use those skills to compete in a dynamic environment with family and friends. We will treat our guests and our employees with respect, our facilities will be clean and safe, and we will have fun while delivering an experience that our guests will look forward to repeating.
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Our Facility

Located in the heart of Idaho Falls, across the street from the Grand Teton Mall, Bob’s Indoor Golf is much more than first meets the eye.  Inside a sprawling 10,000 square foot building are 4 brand new, state of the art golf simulators, 1,800 square feet of professionally developed putting green (we call it BIG Green) complete with a 9 hole course with plenty of undulation, instructional areas for chipping and putting, and a 500 square foot conference / party room where you can host special events.  We also offer areas where you can sit and relax, enjoying something to eat and drink while watching the BIG game on one of our BIG screens.

Making the Most Out of Your Experience

Much the same as your car or phone, simulator technology has exploded in the last few years.  You will be amazed at the accuracy of your ball flight, the replication and details of our 84 golf courses, the real time analytics provided by the simulator and the endless choices it provides.  Here are a few pointers for you to help you enjoy your time at B.I.G.

  • Arrive early. We provide cubbies for your shoes and jackets, a huge putting green and chipping area, and an area for you to stretch and warm up.  Do all this before your time starts and you get to enjoy every minute you paid for actually golfing and you help us stay on schedule.  For planning purposes, 18 holes will generally take around 50-60 minutes per player, a little bit quicker than outdoor golf.
  • Be patient. The first time or two you play on a simulator is a learning experience and you may have trouble completing your round.  For that reason we recommend setting the golf course up “easy” (up tees, no wind, receptive greens, fast fairways, generous gimme’s……….yes, all those choices and more are yours each time you play).  As you get the hang of it, you can bring up the difficulty levels to match the skillset of your group.
  • Be clean. Not much can hurt these simulators but dirt is their Kryptonite. Please make sure that your clubs, golf balls and shoes are clean and free of dirt.  You are welcome to use your own balls and clubs or we have rental clubs available at reasonable rates.  Sneakers or spikeless golf shoes should be worn.  We provide tables at each simulator for your convenience.
  • Practice (yuck). The driving range and practice modules of our simulators are amazing.  Spend some time understanding how your swing path, clubhead speed, and impact angle affect how and where you hit the ball.  Tell us what you want and we will show you how to get it from the simulator.  You want analytics?  We have them.
  • Explore. There is more than golf on the simulators (a lot more).  Name a sport, we probably have it, the chipping and putting area is a blast, the food is good and the drinks are cold.  Spend a little time with us and tell us how we can do better.  We want you back.

Age Requirements

Except for Family Sessions and Summer Camps, which will be provided according to demand, no one under 12 is allowed in the facility unsupervised, and children 8-11 must be under the direct control of an adult.  Exceptions, on a case by case basis may be made based on experience, but safety will be the primary driver.

Leagues and Contests

Leagues will be forming shortly and space will be limited.  If you are interested and have 8-16 people committed tell us what day and time you would like.  There can be 9 hole or 18 hole leagues.  Men, women, mixed.  Best ball, scramble, alternate shot.  At B.I.G., we like creativity and want you to feel the same way.  Golf is fun and we are here to make the fun year round.

We are already scheduling :

  • The High School challenge. The 5 area high schools will compete to see who has bragging rights going into the season.  B.I.G. will sponsor.
  • The Club Pro Shootout. A match play event  to determine who the #1 Club Pro in the IF area is.  B.I.G. will sponsor.
  • The Club Championships. Sage Lakes, Sand Creek, Pinecrest and IFCC will compete in TBA format.  Looking for a sponsor
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